Python Macros's Not the Power in OOo they should be ?

John Pinner funthyme at
Thu Sep 23 14:50:23 CEST 2010

On Sep 23, 10:12 am, Boris Borcic <bbor... at> wrote:
> Lawrence D'Oliveiro wrote:
> > flebber wrote:
> >> Has anyone had much success with python macro's. Or developing powerful
> >> macro's in an language?
> > I did an application for my own use recently, involving automatically
> > generating invoices in editable OOWriter format from my billing database. I
> > gave up on all the PyUNO stuff, and used ODFPY instead—so much easier to
> > generate ODF directly, without having to go through OpenOffice code.
> > And OpenOffice has been able to open the results for final tweaking just
> > fine.
> A nice package to manipulate Ooo text documents with python is the pod module of
> the appy framework. It uses the same approach with a twist.

One of our guys, David Chan, has done something you may find useful,

We use it to produce some quite complicated documents, for example
Engineering Reports, Invoices, Certificates.

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