Scheduling in python

Thomas Jollans thomas at
Thu Sep 23 17:30:21 CEST 2010

On Thursday 23 September 2010, it occurred to loial to exclaim:
> I want to enable my end users to be able to schedule a task(actually
> running another python or shell script). Rather than scheduling it
> directly in cron, are there any python modules I could use?

If you have a "master" process running -- it strongly depends on how that 
process is structured. Is there a main loop? What does it look like? Is it 
provided by some toolkit? Maybe that toolkit has an alarm event?
In the end, there isn't much too it: periodically check if "it's time", and 
then possibly do something.
I doubt there's a package to do this. The basics are trivial to implement, and 
everything depends strongly on the program structure, which could vary 

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