toy list processing problem: collect similar terms

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Sun Sep 26 23:03:40 CEST 2010

On Sep 26, 7:56 am, Sherm Pendley <sherm.pend... at> wrote:
> Jürgen Exner <jurge... at> writes:
> > Alexander Burger <a... at> wrote:
> >>In PicoLisp:
> > What the f**** does PicoLisp have to with Perl?
> It's Xah. He cross-posts in an attempt to start a language feud.
> Please don't feed the troll.

sorry i disagree. And please don't randomly accuse... I posted the
following in reply to Paul Rubin's very valuable post, to
comp.lang.python only. But since you cross-posted your accusation, and
there are about 3 other posts of similar nature accusing me cross-
posted to all groups, so am posting a response to all groups too.



btw, i disagree about your remark on crossposting. For those
interested, you can read in the following:

• 〈Cross-posting & Language Factions〉

if anyone wants to argue with me about this, there's a my blog link at
the bottom of the page where you can leave a comment. Feel free to use

i'll go over the solutions and post if i have anything interesting to
say. ☺ Possbly will select some to show on my site with credit of

 Xah ∑ ☄

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