toy list processing problem: collect similar terms

Jürgen Exner jurgenex at
Mon Sep 27 00:16:24 CEST 2010

John Bokma <john at> wrote:
>Jürgen Exner <jurgenex at> writes:
>> livibetter <livibetter at> wrote:
>>>Here is mine for Python:
>> What the f*** does Python have to do with Perl?
>Clueless fuck. I unsubscribed from comp.lang.perl.misc to avoid the
>retards like you and now you come in via the backdoor. If you have a
>problem with Xah report him with Google Groups and with his hosting
>provider 1&1 like I do. Dreamhost kicked him out that way.

I have solved my problems with Xah years ago, that's what killfiles are
for. And I have no idea why you are bringing up Xah in your current

It was livibetter who without any motivation or reasoning posted Python
code in CLPM. If at least he had asked something like "How can I write
something similar in Perl?" or _ANYTHING_ that would have made this even
remotely meaningful for CLPM, then ok.
But he didn't. He just dumped 7 lines of Python code to CLPM and his
only comment was "Here is mine for Python". Yeah, great comment. Why
would anyone in CLPM possibly care about those 7 lines of Phython code?



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