Python3: API Documentation generator

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Mon Sep 27 20:25:20 CEST 2010

On 9/27/2010 1:15 PM, Tim Diels wrote:
> On 27/09/2010 09:02, Chris Rebert wrote:
>> On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 11:56 PM, Tim Diels<farkmor at> wrote:
>>> Hi all
>>> I've just switched to python3 and it turns out my current API
>>> documentation
>>> generator (epydoc) no longer works. I am looking for a tool that
>>> reads the
>>> docstrings of all classes, ... in my project and turns it into HTML
>>> documentation.
>> Sphinx ( ) is the new gold standard. You'll
>> want to enable the `autodoc` extension:
>> Cheers,
>> Chris
>> --
> I tried, but it fails to run through python code that's not backwards
> compatible with older python versions.
> It fails with: ...autodoc can't import/find module 'pytilities', it
> reported error: "invalid syntax (, line 55)"...
> This is line 55 (runs in python3, not in python):
> def process_args(self, *args, kwargs={})

Unless the autodoc doc says that it does not work with all Python3 code, 
that strikes me as a bug (a new 3.x feature that was overlooked) that 
should be reported. The sphinx tracker is linked on the sphinx homepage
There is also a link to a google group for sphinx.

Does epydoc not work because is does not run on 3.1 or because it also 
chokes when fed the above code.

In the meanwhile, you could change the api ;-).

Terry Jan Reedy

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