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Seebs <usenet-nospam at> writes:

> On 2010-09-26, J?rgen Exner <jurgenex at> wrote:
>> It was livibetter who without any motivation or reasoning posted Python
>> code in CLPM.
> Not exactly; he posted it in a crossposted thread, which happened to include
> CLPM and other groups, including comp.lang.python.
> It is quite possible that he didn't know about the crossposting.

Oh, he does. It has been Xah's game for years.

> while I would agree that this would constitute a form of ignorance, I'd think
> that, especially with how well some newsreading interfaces hide that detail,
> I don't think it's really worth getting angry over.

You think wrong. And Jurgen should have known better than to reply several
times (but like too many people in cplm he posts for posting's sake, the
main reason why I don't follow that group anymore).

Xah has been doing this for many years and most of his posts are just
made to drive traffic to his site (hence they are copy paste of articles
on his site + link(s) to his site). It's Usenet abuse, on purpose.

The reason it pisses off people is that nearly weekly it causes a lot of
noise in newsgroups that are really better off without the noise

See my other post on how to deal with this spammer. If you've missed it:
report him for spamming, since that's what he does. It already made him
have to move hosting providers once. While it's not going to stop him,
it will cost him money. See:

While I am named in that article be assured that I was not the only one
contacting dreamhost (+10 for doing this, btw). Quite some people
contacted me via email that they also talked with Dreamhost. Just keep
reporting this spammer, and maybe 1and1 will kick it out.

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