tix problem in ubuntu karmic

harryos oswald.harry at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 08:30:43 CEST 2010


I posted this question in ubuntu users forum but no help was
I hope someone can help me here.

I had been using  jaunty as o.s and was coding in python 2.6. While
using Tix widgets in my code I came across a bug as mentioned in


Also ,there was a suggested fix


After that I began to get segmentation fault when I ran the code!!

So ,I  thought upgrading to karmic would help .But even after the
upgrade I am getting segmentation fault..I reinstalled python ,tk and
tix through synaptic..Still the problem persists.

The versions of packages installed  are

python   =2.6.4-0ubuntu3

python-tk =2.6.3-0ubuntu1

tix  =8.4.0-6ubuntu1

tix-dev =8.4.0-6ubuntu1

tk8.5  =8.5.7-1

tk8.4 =8.4.19-3

Can someone tell me how I can solve this problem?


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