"Strong typing vs. strong testing"

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Albert van der Horst wrote:
> In article <87fwwvrnmf.fsf at kuiper.lan.informatimago.com>,
>> I would even go further.
>> Types are only part of the story.  You may distinguish between integers
>> and floating points, fine.  But what about distinguishing between
>> floating points representing lengths and floating points representing
>> volumes?  Worse, what about distinguishing and converting floating
>> points representing lengths expressed in feets and floating points
>> representing lengths expressed in meters.
> When I was at Shell (late eighties) there were people claiming
> to have done exactly that, statically, in ADA.

It is cumbersome to do it statically, in the current Ada standard. Doing 
it by run-time checks in overloaded operators is easier, but of course 
has some run-time overhead. There are proposals to extend Ada a bit to 
make a static check of physical units ("dimensions") simpler. See 
and inparticular the part where Edmond Schonberg explains a suggestion 
for the GNAT Ada compiler.

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Just a nit, the launcher is named "Ariane".

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