toy list processing problem: collect similar terms

Xah Lee xahlee at
Tue Sep 28 19:39:31 CEST 2010

On Sep 27, 9:34 pm, John Bokma <j... at> wrote:
> Seebs <usenet-nos... at> writes:
> fup set to poster
> > On 2010-09-28, John Bokma <j... at> wrote:
> >> Seebs <usenet-nos... at> writes:
> >>> On 2010-09-26, J?rgen Exner <jurge... at> wrote:
> >>>> It was livibetter who without any motivation or reasoning posted Python
> >>>> code in CLPM.
> >>> Not exactly; he posted it in a crossposted thread, which happened to include
> >>> CLPM and other groups, including comp.lang.python.
> >>> It is quite possible that he didn't know about the crossposting.
> >> Oh, he does. It has been Xah's game for years.
> > But did "livibetter" know about it?  I wasn't defending Xah, who is indeed
> > at the very least clueless and disruptive.
> Heh, he's not clueless, the problem is that he knows exactly what he's
> doing. And like most spammers, very hard to get rid off.
> > But I was sort of defending
> > the poster who was accused of posting Python code in CLPM, because that
> > poster may not have understood the game.
> Ah, clear. Well, the problem is somewhat also in CLPM where people
> somehow have to reply to messages like this :-(. And I am sure Xah
> laughes his ass off each time it happens.

Hi John Bokma,

can you stop this?

doesn't seems fruitful to keep on this.

if you don't like my posts, ignore them? i don't post in
comp.lang.python or comp.lang.perl.misc that often... maybe have done
so 5 times this year.

i visited your home page
and there are really a lot beautiful photos.

this isn't bribery or something like that. I've been annoyed by you,
of course, but it's not fruitful to keep going on this.


 Xah ∑ ☄

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