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John Bokma john at
Tue Sep 28 20:13:27 CEST 2010

Xah Lee <xahlee at> writes:

> can you stop this?

Can you stop crossposting? And if there is really, really a need to
crosspost, can you please set the follow-up to?

> doesn't seems fruitful to keep on this.
> if you don't like my posts, ignore them? i don't post in
> comp.lang.python or comp.lang.perl.misc that often... maybe have done
> so 5 times this year.

Which is enough to disrupt those groups for days.

> i visited your home page
> and there are really a lot beautiful photos.

Thanks Xah. Like I wrote, your site /does/ have good information, it's
so sad that you somehow think it's necessary to spam Usenet to get
visitors. Or maybe you've another reason, don't know. But it /is/ Usenet

> this isn't bribery or something like that. I've been annoyed by you,
> of course, but it's not fruitful to keep going on this.

Well, you annoy me, I annoy you. It's in your hands to make it stop.

My advice is:

 1) remove all the excessive swearing from your site. If you have a
    point, you don't need it. Your argument(s) without the swearing
    should speak for themselves

 2) Stop abusing Usenet. Instead focus on writing more good stuff on
    your site.

1) & 2) will keep me from linking to your site, ever. And I am sure I am
not alone in this.

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