Request For Comments: Learn Python The Hard Way

Zed Shaw at
Wed Sep 29 03:18:07 CEST 2010

Hi Everyone,

I rarely post to the list, but I'm getting near the end of the book I
wrote to help people learn Python and I would like some feedback on it
if you please:

* Web:
* PDF:

The book so far has been successful in teaching Python to people who
couldn't learn it previously, but I have to still test it with real
learners more extensively.  It is also in rough draft form, so any
grammar errors, spelling, or just plain wrong code/concepts/terms are

I'd appreciate if Python experts and newbies could read through the
book or choice sections and submit tickets to me if you find errors:

Which will require an anonymous login to cut down on spam in the tickets.

I'd also appreciate discussion here on the list about the approach I
took with the book and what you think.

Thanks for your time.


P.S. The book is totally free so long as you don't charge for it and
you don't change it or break it up.  Thanks.

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