Certificate validation with HTTPSConnection

John Nagle nagle at animats.com
Wed Sep 29 22:41:15 CEST 2010

On 9/29/2010 1:18 PM, Ned Deily wrote:
> In article<d07279e14b9bbb842bf97b8874f7d05b at ivanov-nest.com>,
>   Velko Ivanov<vivanov at ivanov-nest.com>  wrote:
>> I've always wandered why HTTPSConnection does not validate
>> certificates?
>> It is fairly simple to use the SSL socket's validation:
> [...]
> Perhaps you can write up your example as a documentation patch to the
> http.client documentation page and submit it to the Python bug tracker
> (http://bugs.python.org/).

     We've been through this.  Too many times.

(2005: Broken in Python 2.2, eventually fixed)

(2008: Why this matters)

(2010: Broken in new Python 2.6 SSL module.)

(2010: Developer "Bill Jansen" in denial, others disagree.
Currently being debated.  See bug tracker.)

The really stupid thing about the current SSL module is that it
accepts a file of root certificates as a parameter, but ignores it.
So it creates the illusion of security without providing it.
As someone pointed out, the current SSL module "lets you talk
encrypted to your attacker".

				John Nagle

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