System idle time under Linux

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Thu Sep 30 10:22:31 CEST 2010

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>> Thanks, will take a closer look on that
>> But to get me started, how would you get, via python, the info from that
> From a unix command prompt use the cat command to view their contents.
> You'll notice that they plain text files with very informative content:
>  # cat /proc/stat

And the man proc command gives info on the format of the content:


              kernel/system statistics.  Varies with architecture.  Common 
entries include:

              cpu  3357 0 4313 1362393
                     The  amount of time, measured in units of USER_HZ 
(1/100ths of a second on most architectures,
                     use sysconf(_SC_CLK_TCK) to obtain the right value), 
that the system spent in user mode,  user
                     mode  with  low priority (nice), system mode, and the 
idle task, respectively.  The last value
                     should be USER_HZ times the second entry in the uptime 

                     In Linux 2.6 this line includes three additional 
columns: iowait - time  waiting  for  I/O  to
                     complete  (since  2.5.41); irq - time servicing 
interrupts (since 2.6.0-test4); softirq - time
                     servicing softirqs (since 2.6.0-test4).

                     Since Linux 2.6.11, there is an eighth column, steal - 
stolen time, which is the time spent in
                     other operating systems when running in a virtualized 

                     Since  Linux 2.6.24, there is a ninth column, guest, 
which is the time spent running a virtual
                     CPU for guest operating systems under the control of 
the Linux kernel.

              page 5741 1808
                     The number of pages the system paged in and the number 
that were paged out (from disk).

              swap 1 0
                     The number of swap pages that have been brought in and 

              intr 1462898
                     This line shows counts of interrupts serviced since 
boot time, for each of the possible system
                     interrupts.   The first column is the total of all 
interrupts serviced; each subsequent column
                     is the total for a particular interrupt.

              disk_io: (2,0):(31,30,5764,1,2) (3,0):...
                     (major,disk_idx):(noinfo, read_io_ops, blks_read, 
write_io_ops, blks_written)
                     (Linux 2.4 only)

              ctxt 115315
                     The number of context switches that the system 

              btime 769041601
                     boot time, in seconds since the Epoch (January 1, 

              processes 86031
                     Number of forks since boot.

              procs_running 6
                     Number of processes in runnable state.  (Linux 2.5.45 

              procs_blocked 2
                     Number of processes blocked waiting for I/O to 
complete.  (Linux 2.5.45 onwards.)


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