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> Nobody, 01.04.2011 18:52:
>  Java is a statically-typed language which makes a distinction between
>> primitive types (bool, int, double, etc) and objects. Python is a
>> dynamically-typed language which makes no such distinction. Even something
>> as simple as "a + b" can be a primitive addition, a bigint addition, a
>> call to a.__add__(b) or a call to b.__radd__(a), depending upon the values
>> of a and b (which can differ for different invocations of the same code).
>> This is one of the main reasons that statically-typed languages exist, and
>> are used for most production software.
> I doubt that the reason they are "used for most production software" is a
> technical one.
> Agreed.

In school, I was taught by a VHDL expert that the distinction between what
gets done in hardware and what gets down in software is largely arbitrary -
other than hardware often being faster than software, and hardware being
less mutable than software.

Lisp machines exist, or at least did at one time - from there, a Python
machine doesn't seem much of stretch.
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