Guido rethinking removal of cmp from sort method

harrismh777 harrismh777 at
Sat Apr 2 04:29:35 EDT 2011

Chris Angelico wrote:
> I've been a C++ programmer for nearly twenty years. I think I know a
> few things about OOP. Actually, I've done OOP in non-OO languages;
> most notably, plain old C. The OS/2 Presentation Manager class
> hierarchy (SOM) is primarily implemented in C, for instance. My point
> is that "object orientation" is completely separate from
> "implementation is separate from interface".

    Thank you for helping me there with your stats...

> Not sure where Knowledge (OOP) comes in there. Must ask my DM some day.

    Ok, its an honest question.  The answer is the heart of this debate, 
actually. Please be patient and try to hear this...  the bickering on 
this thread about whether the cmp= removal is a bad thing has been 
focused on the *wrong issue*.  The issue is not whether there is a 
use-case. The issue is not whether there is a technical reason for 
justifying the existence of  L.sort(cmp= ).   The issues debated ad 
nauseum here by most folks are missing the real point (the main issue).

    The real issue facing the community in this cmp= debate is whether 
an established, documented, useful, widely *used* advertised class 
interface should be removed (don't miss this) for strictly philosophical 
reasons based on the expectations of the OOP client community in terms 
of trust and accountability (OOA&D) for the established promises of the 
advertised class interfaces of an *advertised* OOP scripting language--- 
er, Python.

    In other words, does the PSF have a responsibility to maintain the 
L.sort(cmp= key= reverse=) interface for strictly *philosophical* 
principle based on established norms for *any* OOP language?  (and) is 
there OOA&D expectation for this principle?

    The rest of the thread is arguing for a *technical* determination 
for inclusion of the cmp= keyword...  I am arguing (on the other hand) 
for a *philosophical* determination for inclusion of the cmp= keyword.

> But this is getting seriously off-topic; none of this connects with
> the cmp= parameter.

Well, we have to agree to disagree on that point... my view is that this 
is right-on-topic. Guido should restore the interface, period. And the 
main point is that this is regardless of technical underpinnings like 
"cruft," performance issues, &etc.

Now, there may be other issues...   CPython to PyPy, for instance, that 
may or may not affect this ... I don't know. That's not my problem. My 
problem is that the  class list(object).sort(cmp= key= reverse=) 
interface will be broken in 3.3+ unless somebody argues well for 
inclusion.  Some folks are arguing for inclusion based on technical 
merit... and that's fine...  I am arguing based on philosophical premise 
and OOA&D OOP expectations from the OOP Python client community.

Please forgive me, if I made you feel insulted,... that was not intended.

Kind regards,
m harris

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