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Sun Apr 3 00:06:52 CEST 2011

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> Hi All,
> I've heard of Java CPUs. Has anyone implemented a Python CPU in VHDL
> or Verilog?

For what purpose, improved performance? In that case, there's still plenty 
of scope for that on conventional CPUs.

The Java VM is fairly low level (I would guess, not being too familiar with 
it), while the Python VM seems much higher level and awkward to implement 
directly in hardware.

I don't think it's impossible, but the benefits probably would not match 
those of improving, say, Cpython on conventional hardware. And if a Python 
CPU couldn't also run non-Python code efficiently, then on a typical 
workload with mixed languages, it could be much slower!

However, wasn't there a Python version that used JVM? Perhaps that might run 
on a Java CPU, and it would be interesting to see how well it works.


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