Guido rethinking removal of cmp from sort method

Brian Quinlan brian at
Sun Apr 3 02:34:34 EDT 2011

On 3 Apr 2011, at 16:22, geremy condra wrote:
> I think we're talking at cross purposes. The point I'm making is that
> there are lots of issues where popularity as a third party module
> isn't really a viable test for whether a feature is sufficiently
> awesome to be in core python. As part of determining whether I thought
> it was appropriate in this case I essentially just asked myself
> whether any of the really good and necessary parts of Python would
> fail to be readmitted under similar circumstances, and I think the
> answer is that very few would come back in. To me, that indicates that
> this isn't the right way to address this issue, although I admit that
> I lack any solid proof to base that conclusion on.

This has been discussed a few times on python-dev. I think that most  
developers acknowledge that small-but-high-utility modules would not  
survive outside of the core because people would simple recreate them  
rather than investing the time to find, learn and use them.


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