Problem regarding returning list

sl33k ahsanbagwan at
Sun Apr 3 03:12:00 EDT 2011

I am trying to return a list of items modified with each item also
showing like the number of modifications.

Returning a list of user modified items was done easily but I would
also like to display the item modified by the user and the
modifications of that particular item.
Typical way it coould be displayed like is,
Modified item: No of modifications to it

E.g. sl33k: 3

Some background of the base class methods used:

list_revisions() - gets the list of ints of the all modification of a
particular item
get_revision() - given the modification int, it gets the specific
modified item. gives the name of the item
The method takes for argument the list of items.

I start by declaring a set() of the total modified items. Using for
loop in the items and in the for loop for particular `int`
modification of it, I collect the modified item.
But, I get stuck around when I have to collect the no of modifications
for one. The set is returned as a list to a template engine for the

So, I would like to collect for each item, its no of modifications.
How would I go about doing this? How would i return it with list of
modified items tp display the above shown example?

Any pointers will be much appreciated.


def foo(items):

modified_items = set()
    rev_count = []
    for item in items:
        item_name =
        revnos = item.list_revisions()
        for revno in revnos:
            revision = item.get_revision(revno)
            if modications userid == loggedin users userid:

          # How do i collect revisions here

return list(contribution_items)

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