Guido rethinking removal of cmp from sort method

harrismh777 harrismh777 at
Sun Apr 3 07:09:51 CEST 2011

Steven D'Aprano wrote:
>> >  It cannot be denied that we are talking exclusively about OOP. End of
>> >  story.
> Yes it can be denied.
> All data structures and primitives in Python are objects, but the
> language is not exclusively object-oriented.

Yeah, I know, Steven. The discussion, from which my quote was pulled 
from context, was in response to whether Python should be viewed as 
object-based or object-oriented. Terry says object-based, my view is 
object-oriented.  (the reasons for both have already been stated)

I can use C++ for procedural programming (and I often do, to take 
advantage of the //comments and iostreams cin and cout). But even though 
I use C++ for procedural programming, I still know at heart that its an 
object-oriented language---and a good thing too, or else there wouldn't 
be an iostreams class to take advantage of.  :)

I view Python the same way--- it is object-oriented and has some 
obligation to the OOA&D paradigm even though it can be used procedurally 
and|or functionally. Of course my functional experimentation and 
research resides almost exclusively with haskel and erlang, I have 
dabbled with Python's lambda and have enjoyed playing a bit with the 
functional aspects of Python... albeit, I still consider Python an 
object oriented language at heart.

I am gaining an understanding for the rich diversity of viewpoints 
within this community regarding the evolution of this fantastic 
language. I had no idea the viewpoints were *so* diverse.

kind regards,
m harris

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