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Tue Apr 5 19:18:19 CEST 2011

On 4/5/2011 9:13 AM, Jins Thomas wrote:

> I'm a new bie. I have just started learning Python (3.0),

Please download, install, and use 3.2.

> finished with official tutorial.
 > I would like to have your opinion on some
> 1. Good books (for an intermediate in programming) with lot's of
> 2. Or any link or site which suggests some exercises to do in Python.
One thing I did was lots of experiments with variations on the example 
given in the doc, and creation of examples that are not. After 14 years, 
I still do that with a new-to-me module. I nearly always use the IDLE 
interpreter window (for one-liners) or editor windows.

That said, the problem with such requests is that the proper answer 
depends what your are interested in.

Suppose you are interested in numerical computing. Pick any book 
numerical algorithms or analysis and pick some examples with answers 
given. Most likely, the book uses some combination of natural language, 
pseudocode, and Fortran or C. Rewrite in Python, testing with the inputs 
and outputs given (keeping in mind that floating point answers will vary 
in the last digits).

Suppose you are more interested in interacting with the web. Write 
something to fetch a page (from, say) and do something with 
it. Try filling out the search form at and extracting 
the data table from the response page. Etc.

Suppose you are even move interested in xyz. <<make up something to do 

Terry Jan Reedy

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