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Wed Apr 6 05:59:28 CEST 2011

Raymond Hettinger <python at> writes:

> On Apr 5, 6:38 am, Daniel Fetchinson <fetchin... at>
> wrote:
> > Yeah, but we don't live in the 80's or 90's anymore and our screens
> > can support xterms (or let alone IDE widows) much wider than 80
> > characters. I'm using 140 for python these days. Seriously, who
> > would want to limit him/herself to 80 characters in 2011?

A broadsheet newspaper allows a whole lot of characters on a single
line, yet they still limit the width of each passage of text. The limit
on line length is not only for technical reasons, but for readability.

> I wonder how many people will shorten otherwise clear
> variable names just to get their lines to fit in 80 characters?

Not me. When the line is over 78 characters or so, I just break the line
at an appropriate point.

Line breaks (within bracketing syntax) are far less expensive than
uncommunicative variable names.

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