Python benefits over Cobra

Brendan Simon Brendan at
Wed Apr 6 06:40:58 CEST 2011

> >  On 05-Apr-11 06:22 AM, Brendan Simon (eTRIX) wrote:
> >>
> >>  Any other arguments where Python has benefits over Cobra ??
> >>
> >>  Cheers, Brendan.
> >>
> >  Two questions:
> >     1. Is Cobra Open Source?
> >     2. The blog ended on October, did he run out of steam?
> >
> >  I liked the '.', in place of '.self', but that's been rejected for Python.

"Cobra is an open source project under the MIT license." according to 
the web site.

It seems that it mostly, if not all, the work of one person.  All code 
commits seem to be from Charles Esterbrook.

It seems the latest release is Oct 2010, but I can see posts in the 
forum for April 2011, March, Feb, .....

I too like the '.' in place of self :)  However, I don't like _ as line 
continuation :(   Life is tough, eh ??

It also looks like there is work to have it run in a JVM.  I presume 
that means that no .NET/Mono framework is required ??

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