Python benefits over Cobra

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Wed Apr 6 10:03:36 CEST 2011

Brendan Simon wrote:
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>  >>  Any other arguments where Python has benefits over Cobra ??
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Python is built from C, Cobra is built from Cobra...  Python does not 
require Microsoft .NET, nor MONO framework, Python has better community 
support, has a larger install base and developer community, and Python 
is sponsored by more commercial shops.  (Which isn't always a fair 

The greatest strength of Python is its community. Cobra is pretty much a 
one-man operation with limited appeal at this time.

Supposedly Cobra sports better performance due to static binding and 
machine code compilation; also Cobra sports better error checking, 
depending on your opinion (compile time versus run time). And of course, 
Cobra tries to enforce OOP (the only thing about it I like) /   However, 
these are at the same time Cobra's weaknesses. Dynamic binding and 
interactive consistent interface is Python's strength. Python is 
flexible and easier to learn IMHO. Python is not the fastest horse in 
town... but has the ability for performance enhancement at any time due 
to good interoperability with C C++ addins.  And frankly, by far and 
away, Python is fast enough. If I want strict OOP and speed I'm gonna 
compile from C++ from the get go. But that's me.

Having said all of that, I must admit my bias against Microsoft .NET and 
the Mono frameworks. I personally cannot support a language that 
requires either one. Microsoft has made such a mess out of almost 
everything it has touched... including language design (er, lockin). 
Cobra patronizes this scheme and is therefore also evil. This is of 
course just an opinion (and a proud one I must admit).

kind regards,
m harris

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