Anssi Saari as at
Thu Apr 7 08:13:59 EDT 2011

Tim Johnson <tim at> writes:

> I have python 2.6.5 on my main workstation with ubuntu 10.04. I am
> attempting to set up a temporary test platform on an asus netbook
> with slax running from an SD card. I have installed a python 2.7
> module on the slax OS. (I can't find a python 2.6.5 module for
> slax).

I haven't used Slax in a while, but there is an easy way to convert
Slackware packages to Slax modules with the script "tgz2lzm".
Documented at

So presumably you can find a suitable Slackware package for Python and
convert it yourself. At a guess that would have sqlite3 included too.

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