Free software versus software idea patents (was: Python benefits over Cobra)

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On Apr 7, 7:17 pm, Chris Angelico <ros... at> wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 7, 2011 at 5:39 PM, Steven D'Aprano
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> > Do you want to know who scares me? Google and Apple. Google, because
> > they're turning software from something you run on your own computer to
> > something you use on a distant server you have no control over. And
> > Apple, because they're turning the computer from a general purpose
> > computing device you control, to a locked-down, restricted, controlled
> > specialist machine that only runs what they permit you to run. But I
> > digress.
> I agree about Apple, but Google are not "turning software... into";
> they are providing an option that involves such things. They are not
> stopping you from running software on your own computer, and they
> never can.
> One of my hobbies is running (and, let's face it, playing) online
> games. The MUD system is similar to what Google does, only more so;
> the server has *everything* and the client is just basic TELNET. Yes,
> some clients have some nice features, but they don't need to, and some
> of my players use extremely basic terminals. But nobody complains that
> they're playing a game they have no control over (and the only
> complaints about "a distant server" relate to ping times).
> Having the option to cloud things is a Good Thing. Yes, you lose
> control if you put your data on someone else's cloud, but if you want
> the functionality, you pay the price. If you don't like that price,
> you stick with your desktop software.
> Chris Angelico

Currently Oracle's actions seem far more concerning than anything
microsoft could cook up. Look at the "Open"jdk

now thats a joke...

>As I see it, C# has never had more than an 8% market share. But perhaps
>you have some better data.

Jobs posted in Sydeny in the last 3 days on our major search;

	Jobs	% of total Jobs
c# 	134	17.1%
java 	422	53.9%
python 	29	3.7%
c++ 	79	10.1%
Ruby 	16	2.0% 103	13.2%
scala 	0	0.0%
Total	783

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