Literate Programming

Tim Arnold tim.arnold at
Fri Apr 8 12:58:34 EDT 2011

"Hans Georg Schaathun" <hg at> wrote in message 
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> Has anyone found a good system for literate programming in python?
> I have been trying to use pylit/sphinx/pdflatex to generate
> technical documentation.  The application is scientific/numerical
> programming, so discussing maths in maths syntax in between
> python syntax is important.

Hi Hans,
If you already know LaTeX, you might experiment with the *.dtx docstrip 
It has some pain points if you're developing from scratch, but I use it once 
I've got a system in reasonable shape. You have full control over the 
display and you can make the code files go anywhere you like when you run 
pdflatex on your file.
--Tim Arnold

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