Argument of the bool function

Mel mwilson at
Sun Apr 10 18:21:32 CEST 2011

Chris Angelico wrote:

> Who would use keyword arguments with a function that takes only one arg
> anyway?

It's hard to imagine.  Maybe somebody trying to generalize function calls 
(trying to interpret some other language using a python program?)

# e.g. input winds up having the effect of ..
function = bool
name = 'x'
value = 'the well at the end of the world'
## ...
actions.append ((function, {name:value}))
## ...
for function, args in actions:
    results.append (function (**args))

Not something I, for one, do every day.  But regularity in a language is 
good when you can get it, especially for abstract things like that.

I can sort of guess that `dir` was perhaps coded in C for speed and doesn't 
spend time looking for complicated argument lists.

Python is a pragmatic language, so all the rules come pre-broken.


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