Send Sms with Nokia Phone

Santhosh Kumar santhosh.vkumar at
Mon Apr 11 13:36:46 CEST 2011

Hi all,
         I try to implement a sms forwarding system. My aim is to when some
hits happen in database It should send a sms so I did some research with
gammu and gammu-smsd I did all the configuration and also test sms is
working fine when I give echo "hello world" /etc/gammu text +91xxxxxx this
is working fine for me. I followed the document for my requirement with
gammu-smsd but I didn't find the python programming for doing the sms if hit
in mysql database. Kindly please help me what should I do further by giving
me some demo or documentation it is not necessary I should only go with
gammu it can be anything but should be  with opensource.

Thanks in Advance,

With Regards,
Never Say No,
Santhosh V.Kumar
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