Off to Europython?

Tom Christie christie.tom at
Tue Apr 12 07:31:13 EDT 2011

For anyone who's off to EuroPython this year and already has their ticket - please take a quick look at my talk proposal "Introducing Django REST framework" and consider giving it your vote. Here:

The biggest take away from the talk will be why I think it's hugely important that the web APIs we're building ought to also be Web browse-able and self-documenting.  (and how that's almost entirely not the case at the moment)

I've given the talk to small audiences before but it'd be awesome to give it at EuroPython.

Anyways, thanks for your consideration!



Talk summary:

* RESTful Web APIs and Django - what batteries aren't in the box.
* An introduction to the framework - What it is, what problems it tries to solve.
* Why it's so important that Web APIs should be Web browse-able.
* A live coding demonstration.
* Audience discussion.

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