Feature suggestion -- return if true

John Roth johnroth1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 09:16:23 EDT 2011

On Apr 12, 12:58 am, Paul Rubin <no.em... at nospam.invalid> wrote:
> zildjohn01 <zildjoh... at gmail.com> writes:
> >     _temp = expr
> >     if _temp: return _temp
> I'm trying to figure out a context where you'd even want that, and I'm
> thinking that maybe it's some version of a repeat-until loop?  Python
> doesn't have repeat-until and it's been proposed a few times.

I've wanted that a few times, frequently in a situation where I'm
doing validity checking, and I either want to continue after calling a
validity check or return immediately with some kind of error object.
For example:

returnif self.isitaboojum(snark)

This works nicely if the checking routine either returns False or an
error object.

It also works if the method is doing some kind of a ladder evaluation
of several distinct conditions, and it wants to return the first one
it finds.

Also, I wouldn't want a returnif in a loop. Following on with this
idea, loop control would be more of a breakif or continueif statement.

John Roth

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