Egos, heartlessness, and limitations

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> Funny you should bring that up.  The folks on python-dev are currently
> making a substantial push to increase involvement in python core
> development through the "Python Mentors" program.
> Site here:


> So anyone following along this thread, if you're interested in making a
> genuine contribution to python as a language, this is a great time and
> place to start.

That was a very helpful post Ian, thank you!

However i have a sneaking suspicion that if i join this group i will
be denied as was the case with other python groups. However the
question remains. Why do we need yet another group? Why can we not use
the comp.lang.python that everyone knows already. Since this is a
group created for noobs, how do you expect them to find out about it?
I have been hanging around for over four years and i did not know
until now. Go figure. The first place people are going to go for
online help is
comp.lang.X for whatever language they are learning.

And who pissed in Guido's punch bowl anyway? Why is he such an elitist
now? Why can he not come over once and a while and rub shoulders with
the little people? He does not have to hang out every day, just drop
in once a week or month at least.

I guess i am just old fashioned but i though "benevolent" was a
*positive* moniker. We need to know what kind of leader we are dealing
with here. We deserve that much. And if he is really "benevolent" then
*I* will apologize to both him and the community at whole. Until then
i wait...

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