Egos, heartlessness, and limitations

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Thu Apr 14 06:05:59 CEST 2011

On Apr 13, 10:43 pm, James Mills <prolo... at> wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 1:26 PM, rantingrick <rantingr... at> wrote:
> > And who pissed in Guido's punch bowl anyway? Why is he such an elitist
> > now? Why can he not come over once and a while and rub shoulders with
> > the little people? He does not have to hang out every day, just drop
> > in once a week or month at least.
> Because he has better things to do ?
> LIke his job at Google ?

We all have jobs James, and we still find the time to help others out
on the list. Guido is the head of a community. A community that,
remember, *he* started! He built this whole thing from nothing. And
luck was on his side because Python became one of the great

He will be responsible for this community and language as long as he
lives. Yes, that is a very tough road, but he alone choose this road
and he alone reaps the benefits.

Q: Do you think he would be working at Google had it not been for
Python's great success? Google does not just hire "any old CS major"
you know!

But at some point something happened to Guido. Somehow either the
power or the people got to him and seem to have destroyed his
benevolent nature. He gave into the dark-side and crossed a line that
is very hard to uncross.

If he is going to call himself a "benevolent" dictator then for Pete's
sake start acting like one! I understand that he is older and grumpier
now. And likewise I understand the drive to be a part of this
community may be slipping because of old age.


If he is wants to call it quits then come out and say so. Or at least
change his name to "grumpy old dictator" so we will know who and what
we are dealing with. I think he has evolved into a complete jerk (if
you ask me) and i wish he would see the error of his ways.

Just for example: I have talked with Mats on c.l.ruby and i was
unknown to the group. I think it was maybe my fifth or so post on the
mailing list. That was so amazing to have Mats reply to my post! I
have even said some very rotten things about Ruby and STILL he replied
to my idea. It shows that Mats really cares about Ruby and about
anyone who uses his language. He never lets personal disagreements get
in the way of innovation. This kind of involvement by a creator
fosters innovation.

We must never hold grudges so passionately that we refuse to entertain
an idea because it came from the person who you had a previous
disagreement with. A community cannot survive in a shark tank like
this; everyone refusing to trust one another. No! Grow up and grow a
thicker skin. Learn to laugh at others, but most importantly, learn to
laugh at yourself.

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