Egos, heartlessness, and limitations

Jeffrey Gaynor jgaynor at
Thu Apr 14 19:15:59 CEST 2011

Lemme see now...


>i laid out grandiose plans for a new beginning only to have my words
>fall on deaf ears. Have we become so self absorbed as to care only for
>our status and ego and not for the community at whole? 

So you proposed a grandiose plane that is a heck of a lot of work for the people on this list who are trying to get their jobs done and are now complaining they aren't doing all that extra work for you? Really?  You diagnosed this as being caused by


>	* Poor Documentation or lack thereof
>	* Knowledge Hoarding
>	* Selfishness
>	* Lack of alturistic tendancies [sic!]


Again, not having people take a lot of time to personally tutor you is not Knowledge Hoarding. An awful lot of knowledge can't be communicated successfully to others in written format and requires a great deal of give and take, which is time consuming. That you can't just give them orders to work overtime at their own expense is not selfishness nor is it lack of altruism. You do, however, come across as a self-righteous totalitarian, who seems to think that having a good idea means it is incumbent on everyone else to implement since you are so special. No. Write a prototype that totally rocks, generate some enthusiasm and above all, make a tool that helps *other* people and they will flock to this. Said more plainly, the direction of your supposed altruism is 180 degrees off the mark. 

Don't know much about this topic, but boy is my BS detector going off... And just a tip on people skills, you will never get people to do voluntarily things for you (which is the real definition of power) by this sort of shtick.

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