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Reading the PEPs is a great way to get a look at how Python has developed
and at some of its subtle nuances.  It's a great way to compare your great
new idea to what the community has seriously considered before.  Most of
them have information that you won't find consolidated anywhere else.

Quite a few are either open or languishing.  The open ones you can have a
hand in improving/accepting/rejecting by joining the discussions on
python-ideas and python-dev.  The dead and not-dead-yet ones you could learn
from, and even try to resurrect.  For instance, PEP 3150 is currently
involved in a lengthy discussion on python-ideas and Nick is talking about
revising it now that the moratorium is over.

I've read a handful of the PEPs and found every one to be informative and
helpful.  One problem I have had is that there are so many to read.  Finding
ones applicable to your needs or interests isn't terribly easy.  So in
pursuit of an improvement I have started a PEP index on the Python wiki
organized by topic.

I add a few topics already, but haven't indexed many of the standards track

I would love to see an index like this in PEP 1, but it may not be
practical, as the topics in the index can grow pretty dynamically.  Maybe a
snapshot of the wiki content could be added to PEP 1?  Or maybe just a link
there to the wiki page?  Regardless, I hope everyone finds a topical PEP
index useful.

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