Can Python control Thuderbird?

marceepoo marc at
Sat Apr 16 00:08:33 CEST 2011

I want to control Mozilla Thunderbird using Python.
Does anyone know if that is that possible?
I would like to use Python to save email attachments to a specific
directory, depending on the name of the sender, content in the email,
etc.--- and to rename the attachment file  -- and to save the email to
an html file -- and to insert into the email file links to the locally
saved copies of the attachments.  Is this possible? 
     If the answer is yes, where could I find information about how to use Python to control Thuderbird (and/or examples of saving attachments to locval filenames,and/or saving emails to htmlfiles and/or connecting to the list of
contacts) ? 
   While hunting around, I came across "Python 18.4. mailbox — Manipulate mailboxes in various formats — Python v2.7.1 documentation".  I'm so totally ignorant of MAPI that I don't know if that is what I'm looking for.  If it is, does anyone know where I could find some examples of python scripts using the "Python 18.4. mailbox module"?



Thanks for your tme and the knowledge you share,


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