Can Python control Thuderbird?

Andrea Crotti andrea.crotti.0 at
Sat Apr 16 05:11:19 EDT 2011

marceepoo <marc at> writes:

> I want to control Mozilla Thunderbird using Python.
> Does anyone know if that is that possible?
> I would like to use Python to save email attachments to a specific
> directory, depending on the name of the sender, content in the email,
> etc.--- and to rename the attachment file  -- and to save the email to
> an html file -- and to insert into the email file links to the locally
> saved copies of the attachments.  Is this possible? 
>      If the answer is yes, where could I find information about how to use Python to control Thuderbird (and/or examples of saving attachments to locval filenames,and/or saving emails to htmlfiles and/or connecting to the list of
> contacts) ? 
>    While hunting around, I came across "Python 18.4. mailbox — Manipulate mailboxes in various formats — Python v2.7.1 documentation".  I'm so totally ignorant of MAPI that I don't know if that is what I'm looking for.  If it is, does anyone know where I could find some examples of python scripts using the "Python 18.4. mailbox module"?
> Thanks,
>                    Marceepoo
> Thanks for your tme and the knowledge you share,
>                                  Marc

In general I think it would be easier to work directly from the mailbox,
yes, or even the imap folders if you're using imap, but in this case
thunderbird is not part of the equation...

If you want to use thunderbird then I think there are easier solutions
with the internal scripting language (XUL or however it was called...)

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