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Sat Apr 16 05:58:56 EDT 2011

Daniel Kluev <dan.kluev at> writes:

> […] if you are willing to consider non-free IDE.

I would advise against use of a non-free tool for one's programming,
because the tool's fate is not in the hands of the whole community of
people who use it.

When the party with privileged access to alter the tool makes a change
you don't like, or loses the budget or ability or motivation to continue
maintaining it, you have no option to get someone else to change it for
the better.

Only free software leaves its community of users free to decide what
changes will be made – and what changes will *not* be made – to the tool
over its lifetime.

Since the free-software options for programming tools are so powerful,
there is little good reason to choose non-free tools.

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