Python IDE/text-editor

Alec Taylor alec.taylor6 at
Sat Apr 16 09:03:35 CEST 2011

IDLE loses syntax highlighting annoyingly often, and interpreter isn't embedded.

Boa Constructor gave errors on installation (keys).

Komodo might be good, however isn't free nor can't be run from USB :(

On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 4:31 PM, CM <cmpython at> wrote:
> On Apr 16, 1:43 am, Alec Taylor <alec.tayl... at> wrote:
>> Thanks, but non of the IDEs so far suggested have an embedded python
>> interpreter AND tabs... a few of the editors (such as Editra) have
>> really nice interfaces, however are missing the embedded
>> interpreter... emacs having the opposite problem, missing tabs (also,
>> selecting text with my mouse is something I do often).
> Boa Constructor has syntax-highlighting, code-completion, tabs, line
> numbers, and an embedded interpreter.  It also does a lot of other
> IDEish stuff and it's a GUI builder, too. I've never tried to run it
> from a USB, though, and the interpreter (the "shell") is in a separate
> tab, not on the bottom as you've drawn it.
> You might want to just look at this page for other ideas:
> --

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