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> > If you cannot stand non-tabbed interfaces, you probably can't stand
> > other non-Windows-like features of these two, like their menu systems.
> Emacs just has a menu system. Although I rarely use it :-). One of the
> things one learns after some time with either vim or Emacs is that using
> the mouse delays things.
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Also Dreampie is a greater interactive shell.

Features automatic completion of attributes and file names.
Automatically displays function arguments and documentation.
Keeps your recent results in the result history, for later user.
Can automatically fold long outputs, so you can concentrate on what's
Lets you save the history of the session as an HTML file, for future
reference. You can then load the history file into DreamPie, and
quickly redo previous commands.
Automatically adds parentheses and optionally quotes when you press
space after functions and methods. For example, execfile fn
automatically turns into execfile("fn").
Supports interactive plotting with matplotlib. (You have to set
"interactive: True" in the matplotlibrc file for this to work.)
Supports Python 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, Jython 2.5, IronPython 2.6 and Python
Works on Windows, Linux and Mac. (Mac support requires MacPorts.)
Extremely fast and responsive.
Free software licensed under GPL version 3.

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