Python IDE/text-editor

Vlastimil Brom vlastimil.brom at
Sat Apr 16 13:48:15 CEST 2011

2011/4/16 Alec Taylor <alec.taylor6 at>:
> Thanks, but non of the IDEs so far suggested have an embedded python
> interpreter AND tabs... a few of the editors (such as Editra) have
> really nice interfaces, however are missing the embedded
> interpreter... emacs having the opposite problem, missing tabs (also,
> selecting text with my mouse is something I do often).
> Please continue your recommendations.
> Thanks,
> Alec Taylor
I don't use these tools regularly, but judging from your virtual
"screenshot" and featureset, e.g.

or SPE

could fit the bill.
Of course, none of these can be compared with the already suggested
heavier tools in terms of featureset or maturity, but in case you
don't want to learn that programs just now, you can try these simpler
ones to see, if they offer, what you need.


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