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Alec Taylor <alec.taylor6 at> writes:

> Thanks, but non of the IDEs so far suggested have an embedded python
> interpreter 

Emacs has. Well, it's not embedded as *in* Emacs, but I don't think
there are many editors that have that besides the ones written in Python.

> AND tabs...

Emacs has no tabs per se (although it wouldn't surprise me if there is
an extension that does this) but can show a list of buffers. Also, you
can switch very easily between buffers. I used to work a lot with
Textpad /because/ of the tabs, but don't miss them with Emacs. Another
feature I love is the ability to /split/ a window in 2 parts to have 2
views on the same buffer. And being able to open another window with
another view on the same buffer.

> a few of the editors (such as Editra) have
> really nice interfaces, however are missing the embedded
> interpreter... emacs having the opposite problem, missing tabs (also,
> selecting text with my mouse is something I do often).

You can select text just fine with a mouse in Emacs.

Anyway, checked for tabs.

The remark at the bottom states:
  Aquamacs tabbar work with standard emacs.Just check it out. - Emmett

What I love so much about Emacs is that each feature I've wanted so far
is either part of it, or can be installed. Sometimes I have to change
how I think about the feature a bit, but so far, so good.

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