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All good suggestions. I think it may depend on the level of expertise you're
at. WingIDE is my preferred choice since it offers a lot of help in
developing Py, has a solid debugger, and is available across platforms. But
I'm a novice Py coder. If you're already strong in the coding sense, vi is
my editor of choice, which I use for other languages that I'm intimately
familiar with. Wiki has a pretty good comparison of Py coding editors/IDEs
(wiki search Python development tools). Like many other things Linux, it's
all about choice.

Being a non-free IDE is not a major drawback to Wing (imo). Price is decent,
support is excellent, and upgrades are included through major versions (4
just came out recently). There's also a sizeable community of people using
it. I don't know a whole lot about the company, but it may be one person.
Seems every time I've called I've spoken to same person - not too easy to
understand, but he is very helpful and seems to really know his way around
the tool.

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