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Sun Apr 17 00:28:38 EDT 2011

On Apr 17, 8:22 am, John Bokma <j... at> wrote:
> rusi <rustompm... at> writes:
> > On Apr 17, 3:19 am, John Bokma <j... at> wrote:
> >> rusi <rustompm... at> writes:
> >> > On Apr 16, 9:13 pm, Chris Angelico <ros... at> wrote:
> >> >> Based on the comments here, it seems that emacs would have to be the
> >> >> editor-in-chief for programmers. I currently use SciTE at work; is it
> >> >> reasonable to, effectively, bill my employer for the time it'll take
> >> >> me to learn emacs?
> >> > It takes a day or two to learn emacs.
> >> That's an extremely bold statement. I still haven't learned Emacs and
> >> have read most of the Emacs manual, some parts twice.
> >> Unless you mean opening a file, saving a file, and some basic cursor
> >> movements.
> > Aren't there people (many in fact) who use notepad or equivalent to
> > write programs?
> > How many features do they use?
> > How long would it take to make a map of those same features in emacs?
> Yeah, if you bring it down to open a file, save a file, and move the
> cursor around, sure you can do that in a day or two (two since you have
> to get used to the "weird" key bindings).

If all one seeks is 'notepad-equivalence' why use any key-binding?
All this basic ('normal') stuff that other editors do, emacs can also
do from menus alone.

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