harrismh777 harrismh777 at
Sun Apr 17 02:14:54 EDT 2011

jmfauth wrote:
> I belong to those who are very happy with the Python
> installations on Windows platform . . .
> I do not see any mess here.

Sorry, I was speaking of a technical mess, not a user's mess.

What I was alluding to specifically is explained very well in PEP 394. 
The technical reasoning the PEP 394 author uses for *not* addressing the 
Windows issue (for 394) is the 'mess'. Its just technically difficult to 
setup easily configured concurrent environments on the Windows platform, 
primarily due to the way the platform was designed--- closed and 
proprietary--- with little to no community input. I think PEP 397 
describes a Windows solution to the problem PEP 394 addresses.

Also, the reason I even mentioned Windows at all, is that I realize that 
more than one platform is active in the Python community. That is a 
difficulty for posting tips without specifying the applicable platform, 
if the tip only applies to *nix for instance. Please, in no way did I 
intend to offend the Windows Python users. Python enhances the life 
experience of Windows users the world over for which I am thankful. Peace.

kind regards,
m harris

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