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Sun Apr 17 03:17:43 EDT 2011

On Sat, 2011-04-16, Chris Angelico wrote:
> Based on the comments here, it seems that emacs would have to be the
> editor-in-chief for programmers. I currently use SciTE at work; is it
> reasonable to, effectively, bill my employer for the time it'll take
> me to learn emacs? I'm using a lot of the same features that the OP
> was requesting (multiple files open at once, etc), plus I like syntax
> highlighting (multiple languages necessary - I'm often developing
> simultaneously in C++, Pike, PHP, and gnu make, as well as Python).

Your editor seems popular, free, cross-platform and capable ... if you
already know it well, I can't see why you should switch.

Unless you're truly not productive in SciTE, but I'd have to watch
you use it for hours to tell.

(That should really be a new job title. Just as there are aerobics
instructors or whatever at the gyms to help you use the equipment
there safely and efficiently, there should be text editor instructors!)


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