An unusual question...

wisecracker at wisecracker at
Sun Apr 17 08:15:01 EDT 2011

Hi coders...

Before I start I don`t expect an easy answer
except "No it can`t be done!".

I have not tried it yet, I`m only asking for opinions ATM.
(Except on the classic AMIGA and it DOES work for that!)

I only want it to work in Linux/?IX. Windblows does
not interest me at all.

OK here we go...

I can easily place a machine code, PURE binary,
routine into Python.

I can also find out where it is EXACTLY just as
easily so this is not my problem.

The problem is calling it!

If I wrote an Assembly(/Assembler) routine to call
this binary code using say the JMP instruction or
using PUSH absolute value and RET, and, call these
"Jump" using:-

os.system("/full//path/to/Jump <address_of_binary_in_ascii>")

can I expect a "segmentation error" OR because the
"Jump" command is already inside the Python terminal
would this be considered inside Python`s working memory
from the MMUs point of view?



Bazza, G0LCU...

Team AMIGA...

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