Python IDE/text-editor

Andrea Crotti andrea.crotti.0 at
Sun Apr 17 14:24:13 CEST 2011

Ben Finney <ben+python at> writes:

> As many others in this thread have said, the learning curve pays off in
> access to a powerful general-purpose tool that you can apply to an
> enormous range of programming tasks.
> A reason Vim and Emacs survive while so many thousands of other options
> rise and fall and are forgotten is in part because Vim and Emacs have
> gained the maturity and critical mass of community support that ensures
> you can do just about anything in them.
> Even if you don't end up liking either of them, you should gain working
> familiarity with at least one of Vim or Emacs. They are the closest
> things the programming world has to a standard coding environment and
> are the most likely to be available and acceptable to your peers where
> no other familiar option exists.


For me simple too often translates to "very dumb" and "limited".
The only exception in editors I've found was textmate, simple and well
thought while very powerful and customizable. Too bad it was only for
OSX and virtually dead (another bad example of great commercial software abandoned).

But at the same time I think that everyone has to find its way.

When he'll find himself always doing the same stupid and annoying
actions because the editor is using is too dumb to have macros/snippets
(for example) it should be automatic to look for something else.

Some people are happy using a crappy and easy program though, I think
you can't really force or convince anyone...

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