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Bastian Ballmann <balle at> writes:

> Am Sat, 16 Apr 2011 22:22:19 -0500
> schrieb John Bokma <john at>:
>> Yeah, if you bring it down to open a file, save a file, and move the
>> cursor around, sure you can do that in a day or two (two since you
>> have to get used to the "weird" key bindings).
> Sorry but learning the basic stuff doesnt take any longer than 10 to 30
> minutes and if one doesnt want to learn the shortcuts one can use
> GNU/Emacs GUI and click around.

My experience is different, but I am sure that we define basic stuff
different. Things like how copy paste works, deleting, and undo (and
redo!) will take certainly more than 10-30 minutes. Unless you don't
want to use those features, that is. Even if you do everything via the
menus (and who reads here is going to do that) there are still surprises
(where is redo?).

> Configuring it to do Python optimal could took some hours / days some
> time ago, but now it just takes setting up Emacs for Python and you
> have syntax highlighting, code templates, refactoring and
> auto-completion support.

Yeah, sure. And learning Python takes also just 5 days...

Like I wrote, I am still learning Emacs (and Python). And I don't think
I am more dense than you. Just more honest about learning ;-).

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