Python IDE/text-editor

Andrea Crotti andrea.crotti.0 at
Mon Apr 18 11:23:41 EDT 2011

Alec Taylor <alec.taylor6 at> writes:
> Emacs and vim still seem like good alternatives, when I get the time.
> However, currently have 3 assignments to start and finish so would
> like a simple Notepad2 with python interpreter attached (and keyboard
> shortcut to run script) type program.
> Please continue recommending

I warmly recommend to change posting style, this time you top-posted
*and* also posted below some quoted text.

If you really have to top post (which is normally bad) at least don't
also post below other text, otherwise people will not see what you wrote
below, because they assume that you wrote everything on top.

About the editor keep in mind that if you continue to change program
you'll not surely be faster or more productive ;)

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