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Tue Apr 19 00:42:00 CEST 2011

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> Hi Rhodri...
>> You do realise that what id() returns is implementation-dependent, don't
>> you?  In particular, what IronPython returns isn't an address.
> I'm pretty sure I wrote "standard Python" install in one of my replies.
> Yeah here it is in a reply to Miki...
> "Hmm, I was hoping to stay inside a standard Python install."

IronPython *is* a standard Python install.  So is CPython, the one I  
presume you mean.  Even that doesn't offer you any guarantee that it isn't  
going to change what id() returns from one version to the next.  Relying  
on implementation-defined behaviour like this is a good way of getting  
code to blow up in your face.  You'll get much more reliable results by  
starting in a language that was actually intended for direct memory  
access, like C, and wrapping that in Python.

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