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>> In retrospect, in many ways this is why I am relatively patient with the
>> Python3 development direction. While I think its non-compatibility may
>> hurt in the short term, the long term goal of stream-lining the language
>> will make for a much better Python future. Essentially, the python team
>> said, "Look, python2 sucks... ," and then they went about figuring out
>> what Python would look like had it been "designed" right in the first
>> place. Whalla, Python3. So after years and years of practical experience
>> with the language Python is getting the face lift it deserves, and is
>> going to be one gorgeous lady when finished.

Personally, I really hope Python3 (or 3+) would have some of the 
features that Cobra has built into the language.
   * dynamic/late binding (like Python) for flexibility _and_ 
static/early binding for fast execution and error checking.
   * inbuilt support for quality
     - compile time "None Error" tracking    # I have experienced this a 
lot and it's a real pain :(
     - inbuilt unit testing
     - inbuilt "contracts" to ensure conditions are met when calling 
   * no "self"
   * no ":" after if/else statements.

My main gripe with Cobra is that it requires the .NET framework (or 
Mono), though the web pages do suggest they are also working on a 
version that runs on JVM.  Also third party libraries (e.g GUIs like wx) 
may not be as good or available (yet) ??

-- Brendan.

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